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This specification defines general architectural philosophy and specific design guidance for the proper installation and interface of various cabin equipment within the seats. Consistency with this specification allows each component installed on the seat to operate in concert when integrated with other relevant cabin type equipment. Standard electrical and mechanical interfaces of the In- Flight Entertainment System (IFES) equipment for the 3rd Generation Cabin Network (3GCN) associated with the seat are defined. This equipment consists of the headphone jacks (HPJ), passenger control unit (PCU)/multi function handset (including the cord), seat video display (SVD), remote data outlet (RDO), integrated seat box (ISB) which includes the seat power box (SPB)/seat data box (SDB), remote power outlet (RPO), and in-seat cables. Appropriate definitions are also provided for other electrical devices associated with the seat control/position mechanism. The related seat control/position equipment consists of the seat control unit (SCU), seat automation controller (SAC), and seat actuator motor(s). The intent is to make this specification more useful for effectively integrating all the components of the seat.

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